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The Stupid Easy Way to Make Your Phone Louder

There are three things all good dinner parties need: good company, better wine and the best music. You’ve got the company and wine taken care of, but the music? Wait, is there even music playing? To make sure your tunes are heard, try this no-brainer trick to amplify sound. No fancy-schmancy speakers required.

What you need: Your phone and any old coffee mug.

What you do: Select a playlist (here, we have some ideas) and turn the volume up. Place your phone in the mug, speaker-side down. And enjoy.

Why it works: The round bottom of the mug creates something like an echo chamber. It captures the sound coming out of your phone’s speaker and gives it upward direction.

The only thing left to worry about is your phone accidentally shuffling to the Wicked soundtrack mid-party.

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