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How to Handle the iPhone 6

We couldn't wait to get it, and now that we have it--in gold with a blush leather case, natch--we kinda wish we could go back.

The truth? The 4.7-inch screen on the designed-by-guys iPhone 6 is too big for some women to use comfortably because of our smaller hands. (Who’s loving the 6 Plus, by the way? This guy?)

As our palms cramp and we live with the constant fear that we’ll drop the thing trying to take a one-handed selfie, we couldn’t help but think of a few alternate ways we’d like to get on with our device-ruled lives.

Go caseless. It’s a classic risk versus reward decision. If we remove our leather case, we’ll gain a hair more grip space, but then again, the 6’s super slippery metal finish could spell “cracked screen” faster than you could text it.

Revert to the 5S. We’ve already traded ours in, so for this solution to work we’ll have to beg a friend or significant other to give up his lovely, compact older model.

Start a mini movement. Hey, Apple: Build a 6 Mini, and we will buy.

Get hands-on. For when all else fails.

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