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How to Gripe About Your Boss... Anonymously

Which coworker drives you absolutely nuts: The cube-mate who secretly plays Candy Crush all day? The micro-manager who treats you like an infant? The CEO’s assistant who threw you under the bus?

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta vent. It just might not be the wisest move to do so in the break room. Here are two ways to get things off your chest (without getting caught).

Memo A new app for posting anonymous complaints and criticisms, the idea here is for workers to express truly honest feedback with one another (unlike the Catch-22 that is the peer review). Anyone with a LinkedIn account can create a profile for their company and secretly invite other coworkers to commiserate on specific projects or individuals. You can use it anywhere from a major corporation (Google, Microsoft and Delta are already on board) to a smaller firm (ya know, that has more than two people).

Glassdoor If you’re looking for more of a Yelp-like scenario, hit up Glassdoor. A similar concept but broader in scale, this site is a hybrid of job listings and company reviews. Instead of directly bitching about Peggy from marketing, you’re helping your fellow job-searcher know what they’re getting themselves into. An added bonus: It’s been around for several years now, so there is tons of dirt out there on pretty much any company you’re dying to know about. (Is J.Crew really a sequin-and-stripes wonderland?)

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