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Want to up your health and fitness smarts? Then download Hi.Q, a newly launched app backed by Harvard and Stanford Medical School professors that quizzes you on 300-plus wellness topics.

Here’s how it works: Download the free iPhone app and start by taking the 30-question preliminary health IQ test. You’ll answer multiple choice questions like, “What vegetable has the most anti-inflammatory benefits?” and “Which of the following fish is highest in omega 3 fatty acids: mackerel, herring, salmon, or tuna?”

Then you can choose quizzes in the areas that interest you most, from paleo diets to calorie counting to the best ways to cure a hangover. And you can join discussion groups to share your knowledge as well.

The app’s goal? To promote higher health literacy. After all, research shows that the more you know about your health, the less likely you are to end up in the hospital. We’re happy to report that we scored 91 percent on the prelim, putting us in the “elite” status category. What’s your health IQ?

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