Ahh, youths. With all their fleeks and Snapchats and Ariana Grandes, it’s hard to keep up--and easy to feel ancient. Luckily, you can get on their level, text-wise, with PureWow’s handy guide to some of the more ambiguous emoji.

sobbing emoji

Emoji: Sobbing

Meaning: Really sad, or really, really happy.

As in: “Nancy from accounting spoiled last night’s Game of Thrones. [Sobbing]” or “Summer Friday! Summer Friday! [Sobbing]”

100 emoji

Emoji: 100

Meaning: Something is very cool. Can also mean, “Keep it 100” or “Keep it real."

As in: “Free cold brew in the office today. [100]”

fire emoji

Emoji: Fire

Meaning: Hot or smokin’, in the not-literal sense. Somebody looks good.

As in: “You in that new dress = [Fire]”

info desk emoji

Emoji: Information desk girl

Meaning: Being unabashedly sassy.

As in: “My boss is still working, but happy hour is calling. [Information desk girl]”

no mouth emoji

Emoji: Face with no mouth

Meaning: Deep, dark secrets.

As in: “Did he say anything about you? Ummmmm…. [Face with no mouth]”

monkey emoji

Emoji: Monkeys

Meaning: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. This versatile trio can be used to symbolize anything from embarrassment to mild disdain.

As in: “She texted her ex last night…at 3am. [See-no-evil monkey]”

praise hands emoji

Emoji: Praise hands

Meaning: This emoji signifies excitement or praise. (You know, like Jay Z),

As in: “Yaaaas, Caitlyn Jenner, yaaaas. [Praise hands]”

dancing girls emoji

Emoji: Women with bunny ears

Meaning: Just two gals having a hell of a time.

As in: “Husbands watch kids, we get drinks. [Women with bunny ears]”

grandma emoji

Emoji: Grandma

Meaning: I feel old.

As in: “Last night’s husband- and kid-less drinks got me feelin’ like [Grandma].”

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