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Guess What? You Dont Have to Hail Yellow Cabs Anymore

New Yorkers are well-trained in the fine art of cab hailing. We’re so good, we can get a taxi to cut across three lanes in the snow with the flick of a pinkie. But thanks to Arro, those skills are a thing of the past. City dwellers can now request any yellow cab just like an Uber.

The new, free app (available on iPhone and Android) is aiming to help the New York taxi industry compete with Uber and Lyft. When you need to get to brunch in a hurry, just press the “Need a Taxi” button and the nearest available yellow (or green, if you’re in an outer borough) cab will come to you. Arro gives your ride’s estimated arrival time and lets you track other nearby taxis via GPS.

When you’ve reached your destination, just tap the “In a Taxi” button and pay instantly without taking out your credit card.

The best news? There’s no surge pricing or hidden fees. Your move, Uber.

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