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Guys, Google Can Now Screen Your Phone Calls and Alert You To Telemarketers

You’re waiting for an important phone call, whether it’s from a perspective employer or the Seamless guy with your Pad Thai. So you answer the phone when it rings, but--ughhh--it’s just a telemarketer.

Thankfully, a new Google feature is making it easier to screen these totally unnecessary and super annoying calls. It’s currently only available on certain Android phones (and to get it, you just have to update your device) but if all goes according to plan, it’ll reach a wider market soon.

Here’s the deal: when your phone suspects a phony number, you’ll be alerted via a blinking red bar right on the screen. From there, you can obviously ignore the number, but also block and report the telemarketer in question to ensure you never get a call from them again. 

Because no one should get their hopes up over a food delivery only to be met with a robotic voice asking about car insurance.

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