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Pretty cool, no?

Remember handwriting?

If you’re anything like us, you used to take quiet pride in yours---but now can’t hold a Bic for more than two minutes without cramping up.

To continue the tradition of artisanal penmanship without, well, having to lift a pen, sign up for Bond, a new service that writes handwritten notes on your behalf and (wait for it) in your handwriting.

Here’s how it works: After paying a one-time fee of $200, you’ll be sent an intake form. Fill out the form by writing a bunch of sentences in your best and fanciest handwriting and then mail it back. Bond’s super-smart robots will then analyze your scrawl and learn to mimic it perfectly--such that even your own mother wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

From then on, anytime you want to send a note, you can type up your message on the Bond website and behold as the robots “write” and mail it for you. (All you’ll pay is $3 for the card.)

Not ready to train robots to be your personal scribes? You can also take advantage of Bond’s free option. Just choose from a selection of preprogrammed handwriting samples and type out what you want to say.

There’s a good chance no one remembers what your real John Hancock looks like anyway.

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