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Get Your Eyes Checked at Home

You get professional blowouts in your bathroom. Jars of Nutella magically appear at your door every few months. And you can’t remember the last time you set foot in a post office.

It’s easier than ever not to leave your apartment.

You can now add “optometrist” to your list of “need not visit.”

Blink is a just-launched, on-demand eye-testing service, wherein a “visioneer” comes to your house to conduct a 20-minute eye exam.

Now, keep in mind: This isn’t a full-on optometric exam (which is recommended for all adults, regardless of eye health, every two years). It’s basically a quick check for getting a current eyeglass prescription, so you can, ya know, get some new Warby Parkers.

After you book an appointment online, a trained Blink employee comes to your home to administer an eye test with basically a tiny version of the massive equipment you’d find in a traditional office.

Within 24 hours, an optometrist will review your test remotely and recommend a course of action, like an adjusted prescription strength. From there, you’ll be sent a unique link to retrieve your prescription online--should you need one. Heads up that Blink does not currently accept insurance, and costs $75 a home visit.

Another reason to stay in and rewatch Legally Blonde for the hundredth time? We’re all eyes.

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