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This App Rewards You for Ignoring Your Phone

That’s it. The workday is over and you’re turning off your phone riiiight now…oh wait, was that a pop-up notification from Instagram you just saw?

We get it--disconnecting is hard, but a new app called Forest actually rewards you (and the world) every time you take a digital break.

Here’s how it works: Download the app for 99 cents and enter your email address to quickly set up an account. Next, set a goal for the length of time you’d like to ignore your phone (anywhere from ten minutes to two hours). Tap the button that says “Plant” and--prepare yourself--your phone is off-limits for the length of time you set. If you hit your time goal, a cute little cartoon tree grows on a plot of land and you collect coins. If you close out the app to send a text or answer an email, your tree dies (aka no coins).

Collect 2,500 coins and the app will partner with WeForest to plant a tree on your behalf in places like India or Zambia that are struggling with major deforestation.

So think about it: By ignoring your phone for a short burst of time, you get your sanity back and help the planet. Hello, win-win.

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