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For Good Measure
Cheers to a New Year.

It’s the night before your annual “Christmas Stockings” soiree and you haven’t made your party plan yet. You are expecting 20 people and have promised an assortment of holiday-themed beverages... but have no idea how many bottles to order to keep the spirits flowing.

It’s NBD if you use Minibar, a new-to-SF app that delivers the goods--liquor, wine, beer, mixers and even bags of ice--to your doorstep in as little as 30 minutes.

Just download the app for iPhone or Android and use Minibar’s party-planning calculator. You specify the number of guests, the length of the event, the time of day and the types of alcohol you want to serve. Minibar then computes exactly what you’ll need.

In our case (a three-hour evening event with wine and liquor for 20 guests), the app said we should be prepared to serve 87 drinks--that’s about 10 bottles of wine and five bottles of whiskey for hot toddies.

Once you’ve calculated how much you need, simply fill your cart and enter your address and payment info. A nearby liquor store will fulfill the order and get it over to you in a jiffy. Prices are the same as you’d pay in the store and there’s no delivery fee (but the messengers do appreciate tips).

Potential party disaster averted.

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