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You’re a smart, hip, in-the-know New Yorker. (It’s why we’re friends.) You give the best recommendations and always know the coolest places to go.

Then again, there are times when you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood (or, honestly, just have a mental blank) and need restaurant suggestions nearby.

That’s when Flavour is a lifesaver.

A clean, easy-to-use app for discovering (or remembering) worthwhile restaurants, it’s basically the grown-lady version of Yelp. By that we mean there’s no clutter of riffraff options, no nasty reviews; it’s just a tightly edited list of reliable spots for wherever you are.

Once you download it, choose a neighborhood and filter by desired cuisine and special features (say, polar-vortex-curing ramen). Or select only “nearby” and be surprised. Either way, it’ll populate with a handful of reliable options--from the trendy newbies (like Cherche Midi in Nolita) to forgotten favorites (Kefi on the Upper West Side always treats you right).

Trust us: It’s the secret weapon of savvy cityfolk.

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