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Facebook Just Gave You a Way to See Fewer Annoying Pictures of Your Ex

You had the best intentions when you “went official” on Facebook, then went to town tagging him in nine million photos. But that was back in February… when life was simpler and you didn’t realize that Todd is actually a narcissistic Mama’s boy who would rather play “Call of Duty” than ever--like once--take you out to a decent restaurant.

Needless to say, you don’t want him all over your Facebook news feed. But you also don’t want to unfriend him. What’s a self-actualized woman to do?

Mark Zuckerberg has got your back.

As of today, Facebook will begin prompting users who switch their status from “in a relationship” to “single” to try various tools to help ease the pain. For example, you can opt to “see less” of an ex, which means his posts won’t appear in your feed and his name won’t be suggested when you draft a message or start tagging a photo. You can also limit the amount of your content that old Todd can see, and can easily edit past posts to untag either one of you.

And if you do get back together? Well then re-tagging will just be that much more fun!

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