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Enjoy Will Deliver and Set Up Your Gadgets

Is it just us or does it seem as if everyone else is preprogrammed with a full understanding of all new technology as soon as it hits the shelf? Meanwhile, we?re still trying to figure out how to connect our phone wirelessly to the car speakers. There, we said it.

For those of us who are still a bit befuddled by Bluetooth speakers, drones and live-action video cameras, now there?s Enjoy.

A marketplace for everything tech, Enjoy sells the devices we use every day, from iPhones (through AT&T) and laptops to portable Bang & Olufsen speakers. With every Enjoy purchase, you schedule free delivery, setup and an hour-long visit, during which a tech expert helps you learn how to use your new device--letting you in on tips and tricks along the way--at home, at the office or even at your local coffee shop.

Let?s say you just bought a GoPro (and you don?t know the first thing about shooting video). Enjoy will deliver it, show you the basics and even join you in the park to create, edit and share your first movie.

Not ready to invest in a new gadget? Enjoy can also help with products you already own. Just book an appointment online and, for $99, you?ll finally learn how to take advantage of personal Wi-Fi hot spots or store photos in the cloud.



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