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Eero Is the First Carefree Wi-Fi System
Nice and unassuming.

Passwords that read like spy codes. Having to reset the whole damn thing. Trying to find that “special spot” every time you want to stream Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Wi-Fi is the worst.

Eero wants to make it better.

A new breakthrough in the world of routers (apparently there is such a world), Eero has been dubbed the carefree Wi-Fi system--and not without reason.

We were previously told that a single router can cover our entire home. The folks at Eero claim that’s simply not true. Instead, they have set up a plan that informs you just how many Eero routers you’ll need to get maximum speed for the size of your space. (FYI: You would need three Eeros to outfit a 2500-square-foot home, plus the backyard.)

And get this: It takes just 60 seconds to set up, and it can all be done from your phone. No IT degree required. If there’s ever a problem, like a slow connection or your neighbor’s “Abraham Linksys” network encroaching on your space, Eero fixes itself. Meaning, it’s constantly running tests and updating security so you don’t have to. If a guest stops by, they can easily be sent the log-in credentials via text.

The one caveat is that these things can get expensive (each one starts at $199). However, preorder today and you’ll get $20 back for every friend you refer. Plus, a little peace of mind.

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