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You spent all that time (and money) on your education, but those things you learned in Social Studies and Philosophy haven’t exactly stuck with you into adulthood.

Plus, now that you're having kids you want to make sure that you can keep up. (If they know the capital of Belize, you probably should too.)

It’s with that in mind that we’ve teamed up with Amazon Prime to bring you a few clever ways to incorporate a little schoolroom smarts into your every day. Head over to the list to see our five tips.


Use a World Map for Wallpaper

It may not be subtle, but using a map on your walls is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with geography. Place it in a well-used room, like the bathroom or playroom to ensure you see it often. Décor bonus: It provides the illusion of grandeur in a small space.

Game Night

Bring on Game Night

The best way to boost your brainpower is to consistently challenge yourself—in a fun way. Host a weekly or monthly game night with pals, and vow to go for games that really make you do mental gymnastics. Think: Rummikub, Mancala and Scrabble.

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Try Amazon Original Kid’s Programming

Keeping your little ones entertained and edified can feel like catch-22. Enter: Amazon Original Kids programming. Modeled after a school curriculum, these videos--available now through Amazon Prime--combine teachable lessons with creativity and imagination. Heck, you might even enjoy them yourself.

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Keep a Language CD in your Car

Whether you’re commuting or simply running errands, we’re going to bet that you probably spend at least 25 percent of your day in the driver’s seat. An easy way to multitask? Pop in a language-learning CD and brush up on your French. Zut alors!

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Start a Family Book Club

You know that stack of books your kids were assigned for summer reading? Chances are you’d really like them, too. By reading books together you’re not only keeping your brain fresh, you’re also creating a wealth of conversation for those family road trips. We’re betting you and your 12 year-old have slightly differing opinions about Lord of the Flies.

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