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Hey, we know you’re totally just asking for a friend, but what exactly are you supposed to do when you’re about to queue up some Drake and notice earwax residue on your earbuds? Before anyone says, ewww, have your “friend” try this two-second trick for scrubbing it out.

What you need: A clean toothbrush, Q-tips and rubbing alcohol

What you do: Start by gently dry brushing the mesh part of the earbuds--aka the part with the waxy buildup--using the toothbrush. (FYI, be sure the speaker is facing down so debris doesn’t fall right back inside your buds.) Next, dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and remove any excess liquid before swabbing your buds.

Why this works: The bristles are flexible enough to get in every nook and cranny, and the rubbing alcohol helps sterilize them and removes any lingering dirt or wax.

So, go back to listening to Drake. Clean buds are better buds.

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