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Business Insider
Alex Blumberg and co-founder Matt Lieber.
Yana Paskova

Ah, binge listening. And after 12 straight hours of the most popular crime series in radio history (well, kinda), we want more.

Thankfully, there’s StartUp.

This new podcast from the producer of the Peabody Award-winning radio show This American Life is pretty meta: Alex Blumberg is launching Gimlet, a production company that will give newbie podcasters a platform and financial support. But the kicker is that Blumberg really knows nothing about starting a business.

The initial StartUp episodes cover some common concerns of entrepreneurs: coming up with a name, finding partners, raising funds. In the very first episode, Blumberg pitches his idea to big-time Silicon Valley investors. (It’s eerily reminiscent of that first time we asked for a raise.) Most recently, he put out an F-bomb-heavy episode called “We Made a Mistake.”

The show also explores the less-talked-about aspects of entrepreneurship--the loneliness, for example, or that awkward moment when you butt heads with your partner. Listeners get a front-row seat in the boardrooms of behemoths like Facebook and Dropbox. Episodes are available online or via the Podcast app.

FYI: Blumberg won an Emmy last year for a story about a cotton T-shirt, so needless to say, the guy puts on a good show.

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