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Unless you’re a total minimalist, your smartphone is probably fully loaded with more apps than you know what to do with. In an effort to help you whittle down the digital clutter before the new year, we compiled a list of the best new ones to hit the market in 2015. Here are the 11 greatest to download right now.



Just in case you can’t get your hands on an adult coloring book (hello, it’s good for your mental health), download this free app, which comes with 27 basic colors and a library of gorgeous drawings to choose from--ranging from mandalas to Monets.

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This new offering from the folks at Instagram lets you easily create collages of your favorite pics while giving you full creative control of the final grid-like arrangement.

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It’s the app that makes it easy to broadcast live video from anywhere--whether you’re at a football game or suddenly witnessing breaking news. To use it, simply log on and start streaming. You can share your broadcast and interact with followers directly or post a link to your video feed on Twitter (the social media platform owns the app).

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Making nervous mothers everywhere just a bit more relaxed, this app ($3 a month) functions like a personal bodyguard that you can activate on demand. Simply press and hold the “safe” button any time you think you might be in danger. Release the button to instantly contact the police (who can find you via GPS) or plug in a four-digit pin if you find your fear is unwarranted.

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Fashion Week Daily


Download this hybrid weather-fashion app from the editors of Glamour and never worry about whether or not you should pack a coat--or an umbrella--again.

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Unsure about the $12 bottle of vino you just picked off the shelf? Simply snap a photo of the wine label and this app will pull up ratings, reviews and food pairing suggestions from a community of 10 million wine lovers. Bottoms up!

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OK, OK, this one launched at the tail end of 2014, but the app--which lets you lip-synch a short selfie video dubbed with a famous song--hit it big in 2015 thanks to some very pointed celebrity love. For example: This cute ditty from Reese Witherspoon and her adorable son.

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Traveling to Spain, but no hablo español? This new app makes it easy to speak directly into your smartphone or Apple Watch and get an instant and speedy translation--both written and verbal--in up to 50 languages.

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This interactive game helps you relieve stress by using principles of Tai Chi for meditation on the go. Simply move your finger and follow the pulsating blob around the screen. You’ll find calm--and possibly your lost hand-eye coordination--in a matter of minutes.

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This intuitive app makes it easy to sync up all your calendars--from Gmail and Outlook to Facebook, FourSquare and TripIt. You can even program in your favorite TV shows so you never miss an episode of Empire again.

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Get coaxed awake by the voice of a sexy Frenchman thanks to this new app that wakes you up with the international male accent of your choice. Mais oui!

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