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Maybe you work remotely every day. Maybe you’re out killing time between appointments. Whatever your work situation is, everyone needs to know where to find Wi-Fi--preferably paired with delicious eats. Here’s where you can stay connected, all the way from breakfast to after-work drinks.


For Early-Morning Coffee: Fabcakes

This cute, checker-floored café opens its doors at 7 a.m. on weekdays. Find a seat at one of its tables, score the Wi-Fi password from a staffer and get to the bottom of that email inbox. But first: Order up a specialty coffee drink. How could you not, when options include pepper-fig, vanilla-rose and lavender lattes?

714 N. Wells St.; 312-397-3300 or


For Breakfast: Café Integrale

Get the energy to meet your first daily deadline with breakfast at the Freehand Chicago’s café. The ground-level space offers Wi-Fi and long tables filled with fellow telecommuters typing away. (Psst: If there’s no seating left in the café, the adjacent lobby has cushy couch seating.) Eats include avocado toast, Greek-yogurt parfait and porridge made with Jasmine pears and cardamom-scented farro.

19 E. Ohio St.; 312-940-3699 or


For a Power Lunch: Protein Bar

Take some time to grab lunch before your next conference call. Protein Bar, which has several locations, offers quick lunches that are--as you may have guessed--packed with protein. Log into the free Wi-Fi and review the staff Google doc over a quinoa-filled “bar-rito,” a gluten-free spinach and pesto bowl or the superfood vegan salad.

Find Protein Bar’s Chicago locations here


For a Sweet Snack: Alliance Patisserie

The airy, Parisian-style spot sets an elegant backdrop for Google hangout. After picking out a sweet snack--sorry, but you?re going to need a matcha-seasame macaron--set up shop in the atrium-style café. With marble tabletops and windows overlooking an ivy-filled courtyard, it?s a perfectly civilized place to appear on camera. (Just be sure to check your lips for pastry crumbs.)

615 N. State St.; 312-374-4144 or


For Happy Hour: Beatrix

As you get ready to check off your final to-dos, take your laptop and move to Beatrix. The River North location of the restaurant and coffeehouse has a bar equipped with outlets. Belly up, log back in and order a fresh juice cocktail to toast the end of another oh-so-productive day. (Confession: The promise of a Blueberry Tom Collins is enough to make us endure some of the toughest workdays.)

519 N. Clark St.; 312-284-1377 or

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