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At Your Service
Your doughnuts have arrived.

Mama said there?d be days like this: You run out of your beloved MAC Studio Fix cream foundation and have a meeting-filled day that allows no time to steal away to NorthPark before the stores close. Luckily, there?s now an app for that.

Enter Favor, a free app that offers delivery services in central Dallas from 9 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and until 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

The process is simple. After downloading the app, you fill out your vital details, including your credit card number. Favor is cashless, so you pay for everything via the app, including a delivery fee of $6 plus 5 percent of the total cost of goods delivered, as well as a tip for the runner. Once you figure out what you need, simply communicate with your runner via text, and 35 minutes later you?ll be rescued from situations like these:

You forgot it?s your assistant?s birthday Have your Favor runner pick up this stunner.

The office coffee tastes like tar Seriously, don?t go a day without your French press.

You have a serious craving for Tex-Mex So it?s Bob Armstrong dip at your desk.

You ran out of makeup this morning Clearly, it?s a sign you also need these essentials.

Or just because A new LAFCO candle can be the remedy for a truly crummy day.

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