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What’s one thing that keeps city denizens from hopping on a bike? San Francisco’s unforgiving hills.

Well, your excuse just went bunk. The electric-assist Faraday Porteur has finally hit shelves (at local bike shops and online). 

Ride the old-school-looking cruiser like a normal bike, and then switch to electric mode for a little boost up the big ones. No more huffing and puffing or arriving to the office a sweaty mess.

An on/off switch (a.k.a. “the smile button”) on the handlebar activates Faraday’s pedal assist. You’ve got about 20 miles of full electric riding, and recharging the battery (which is built into the frame) is as simple as plugging it into any standard outlet.

The sleek steel frame is only 39 pounds, which means it’s light enough to carry up stairs but stable enough that you won’t go flying off on bumpy streets. The Faraday also features pretty bamboo fenders that shield you from moisture so you don’t dirty your clothes and a front shelf that’s perfect for transporting groceries from the farmers’ market.

And for us bike nerds, this model has a kickstand and built-in lights that turn on automatically when it gets dark. Yep, they pretty much thought of everything.

Starting at $3,500;

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