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An Easy Way to Make and Share Videos

Picture this: It’s Christmas and your phone’s camera roll is overflowing with photos (your kid geeking out at 5 a.m., Grandpa Joe passed out with an eggnog in hand, a slightly blurry group pic) and video clips (your sister decorating cookies, your niece belting “Let It Go,” your beagle bounding around in fresh snow).

Want to make a keepsake family movie, fast?

Download Replay.

The free video app is so simple to use. Just tap on the photos and videos you want to include, then choose a theme and add text and a soundtrack. (You can remove the Replay watermark from your videos for $1.99, or pay $9.99 to access a larger set of features.)

The app stitches it all together--zeroing in on the best action in your footage and even synchronizing it to the beat of the music--and lets you preview the results instantly. (After that, it takes a few minutes for the app to finish the project before you can save, post and email it around.)

We were so wowed the first time we tried it that we were grinning like fools at our own genius editing “skills.”

Next step? Text the video to your tech-savvy grandma so she can show it off to all her friends.

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