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Amazons Dash Button Could Change the Way We Shop

When we first heard about the little button that you push for an instant delivery of laundry detergent/face lotion/coffee pods, we thought it must be an April Fool’s joke.

But no, Amazon Dash is for real.

The gadget, which is about the size of a flash drive, is currently being tested by the retail behemoth--and right now, Prime members can get it by invitation only.

It works like this: Say you’re standing in your kitchen one crazy morning when, suddenly, you notice you’re almost out of K-Cups. Somewhere near your Keurig, you’ve stuck a Dash button that you’ve programmed to place your order with a single press. You tap it and--bam--the delivery is at your door before you actually run out of caffeine.

Will this clever instant-gratification invention turn us into crazed click-happy consumers? Maybe. But at least our coffee mugs will always be full.

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