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Amazon Just Launched the Grocery Store of the Future and It Has No Cash Registers or Lines

Picture this: The next time you’re out of eggs and milk (and, OK, cauliflower), you make a run to the grocery store. But instead of reaching for your wallet—or waiting in an endlessly long line—you grab the items off the shelf…and walk out. That’s it. 

Don’t believe us? Amazon just launched this exact grocery store concept in Seattle—called Amazon Go—and they’re planning to open 2,000 grocery stores just like it nationwide over the next 10 years, according to Business Insider.

Here’s how it works: Upon entry, you scan your Amazon Go app. The app—which uses the same technology as self-driving cars—keeps track of everything you put in (and take out of) your cart, adding each item to your very own virtual shopping cart. (You’ll need a Prime account, of course.) When you’re done shopping, simply walk out. Amazon will charge your card and email you a receipt. That’s it.

For those of you wondering, the grocery stores—about 1800 square feet in size—will be stocked with the same staples (and brands) you’re used to seeing on the shelves. They’ll even have ready-made items like a rotisserie chicken or to-go salad.

Like we said, it’s the grocery store of the future. And the coolest ever Prime perk.

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