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A Way to Take Back Regrettable Texts
Wait before you send, Kim.

What was she thinking? Side boob is not her best look, you typed. A few seconds later you remembered that cattiness is not your best look, but it was too late: The text had been sent.

Now you can cut down on the (often regrettable) immediacy of texting with On Second Thought, a new app from entrepreneur and Chicago native Maci Peterson.

The app--which recently took home the first-place prize from the Startup Oasis at SXSW--takes the reins from your phone’s built-in messaging platform and gives you more options for controlling your texting habits. (It’s currently available for Android, and it’s coming to iOS in May.)

On Second Thought gives you 60 seconds to take back a text before it actually goes to the recipient’s in-box. And if you’re planning on a particularly “festive” night out, you can set a curfew for your texts so that none of them will be sent until you approve them the next morning.

Not that drunk-texting death threats to your ex isn’t terribly classy behavior.

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