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A Simple Trick for Remembering All of Your Passwords Forever

At this point, you know it’s unsafe to use the same password for every online account. (And if you don’t, stop reading this and change your damn passwords right now.)

But then you’re stuck creating a bunch of random passwords for every site you log into, and that’s totally confusing. Luckily, we have a simple trick for making a memorable password that keeps your login information safe.

Step 1: Pick an easy-to-remember phrase, e.g., “Stop trying to make fetch happen.” Use the first letter of each word, alternate caps and add in numerals to create your base password: “St2MfH.”

Step 2: When you sign up for an online account, take the first letter of each syllable in the company’s name. Seamless = SL, Amazon = AMZ, Gmail = GM, Netflix = NF, etc.

Step 3: Combine your base password (“St2MfH”) with the initials of the website to create your new, customized password. So Seamless would be: “St2MfHSL.”

That’s it--you’ll never have to tell the Apple Store the name of your third-grade teacher again.

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