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We’d be lying if we said there’s only one way to store your digital photos. Heck, we’ve probably written about at least a dozen of ’em. Well, you can finally toss those others aside. Turns out, there is one right way to store your photos. Introducing the new Google Photos app.

Here’s what you need to know:

You’ll get free unlimited storage. Never lose another photo again. You can find all of your images (limited to 16 megapixels) on But if you’re a professional photographer (aka you're using a DSLR instead of your phone), you may need to upgrade your storage.

It will back up your items automatically. Even if you lose your phone, the photo you snapped of your niece in a panda costume will still be available on the Web. It also tells you when your phone is almost full and suggests the photos to delete because they’re already backed up.

It can identify people (and things) by facial recognition. It knows what your dog looks like and where you ate sushi last week, and it can automatically pull together a montage of pictures from your aunt’s 75th birthday. In other words, the sorting is done for you.

You can email as many photos as you want. Simply click the “Share” icon, then copy and paste the auto-generated link into an email to share with Mom and company.

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