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Quick, how many things are on your to-do list at this very moment? Which ones would you unload if you could?

Now you can outsource any task--big or small--with the new-to-Chicago website QuadJobs.

Here’s how it works: You pay $8.95 a month to post as many job listings as you want. Then you’re connected with qualified local college students interested in each job. (Your first month is free with the promo code “ODDJOBS.”) 

Exactly what can this ready-made workforce do for you? Check out the ten tasks we’d transfer to their plate in a second. 


Photo Organizing

It’s high time to upload all your photos from your phone to your computer--and maybe even print and frame a few. Unheard of.


Laundry Service

Three words: Dry-cleaning drop-off.


Donation Duty

You know all those boxes labeled “stuff to donate” that are just sitting in your garage? Someone can actually go, well, donate them.


Tech Support

A college student knows way more about your computer than you do, sorry to say. (Seriously, when was the last time you backed it up?) Also, wouldn’t it be nice if your surround sound were actually hooked up and working? 


Fitness Scheduler

So many studios, so little time. Have someone book your weekly workout classes, since all of those spin, barre and Pilates sessions aren’t going to schedule themselves. #summerbody


Party Prep

Need to find a dozen Mason jars for your BFF’s bridal shower? Looking for a princess-shaped piñata? Put someone else in charge of your next soiree.


Thank-You Notes

You still have to write them, but if you’re overloaded post-party or wedding, there’s no guilt in hiring someone to do the envelope stuffing, stamping and addressing.


Office Temp

Have a QuadJobs student come to your office and dig out the supply closet (aka disaster area). Next time you go searching for Post-Its, you’ll actually find them.


Travel Agent

Avoid pre-vacation stress by having someone book your reservations, find the least-touristy tiki bar, line up local babysitters--the works. All you’ll have to do is kick back by the pool.

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