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You know you should be more “present,” but honestly, is there any human connection as sweet as seeing a new “like” pop up in your Instagram feed?

Yes, you maniac!

Here, seven ways to put down the friggin’ phone.


Seriously, Leave Your Device at Home

We don’t trust you not to check, so the next time you're going on a run or to the movies, why not conveniently “forget” it? Voilà: zero temptation to sneak a peek at your inbox.


Seek out Places With No Service

Instead of trolling Airbnb for hip, idyllic cottages with super-fast Wi-Fi, go for hip, idyllic cottages that pointedly don’t have service.


Nix Screen Time Before Bed

Studies show that staring at a glowing device before bed confuses your brain’s chemicals, making it harder to get that good night’s rest. Make a deal with yourself that the phone goes away once you enter the bedroom. Instead, take up reading, or pen-and-paper sodoku or, um, whatever else healthy, connected couples do in bed.

Stop texting Bill, Hill.

Don't Text Your Significant Other

Vow to spend an entire day not texting back and forth with your husband or boyfriend. You’ll be less occupied with your phone and have more to talk about when you do see each other at night.


Keep Your Charger Somewhere Inconvenient

If it’s in the basement or all the way upstairs in the guest room, you’ll be less tempted to sneak a peek at your inbox while your phone’s charging. 

checkingphone gif

Use a Self-Saving Tool

Sometimes you need technology to save you from technology. We love the app Checky, which monitors how often you check your phone--and shames you for going above your average usage.


Set a “Do Not Disturb” Time

It’s the simplest, least-known feature that can totally revolutionize your life. Go to “Settings” on your phone, hit "Do Not Disturb" and "Scheduled." Then pick a time for when the email alerts should stop--say, 8 p.m. If you don’t know the messages are coming in, you won’t feel the need to immediately write back.

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