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We’re tech-savvy consumers in Dallas. We use Amazon Prime to have detergent delivered within two hours. We use apps like Shyp to run our errands for us.

So what new tech tricks can we use to make our homes more efficient and save ourselves some money to boot? 

Here, six smart upgrades you need right now.


Monitor energy costs

Energy Ogre is a Texas-based service that constantly reviews all the energy prices. Cost to enroll is $10 per month. And if there’s a better deal from another provider, Ogre will negotiate and work to get you out of your current contract and into a less costly electricity plan.


Make sprinklers more efficient

As a service to residents, Dallas Water Utilities offers free sprinkler and irrigation checkups to make sure your in-ground irrigation system is operating at its best. The consultationidentifies leaks, programming errors and equipment problems, and checks coverage so little water is wasted. And did we say it’s free?


Power down completely

Have all the bells and whistles for your home-theater setup (tuner, surround sound, smart TV and cable)? Well, plug everything into the new Smart Strip power strip ($34), which turnseverything off once you have powered down so that no phantom electricity is used. It also works great with desktop computer systems, which can be electricity suckers, too.


Upgrade your showerhead

Saving water in the shower does not have to mean limiting yourself to five minutes.Enter Nebia. Instead of using large amounts of water like a standard showerhead does, the sleek new high-tech system atomizes millions of water droplets into an efficient mist that covers a larger surface area. Nebia also uses 70 percent less water while promising to get out the shampoo and conditioner in the same amount of time. You can place your preorder now (from $349; shipping begins summer 2016).


Control your thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat ($249) basically learns your habits and sets itself accordingly. For example, it will automatically cool the house down to 60 degrees at night and then warm it back up to 70 degrees come morning. The best part? You can control Nest remotely via the app. So next time you head out on vacation and forget to turn down the heat, it won’t set you back $100.


Change your locks

Replace your front door lock with a Goji Smart Lock ($235). The system sends you picture alerts of your front door that you can access from your smartphone (great for letting inhousekeepers, dog walkers or trusted contractors) and uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to lock and unlock your door as you approach. It doesn’t save you money, but it does save you time and gives you a better sense of security.

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