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Listen, you should be the woman who says, “Let’s have a picnic on the lawn of the Hollyhock House,” or “I want to show you my secret Malibu beach.” That’s why we’ve cherry-picked these five non-space-hogging accessories to keep in your trunk: So you’ll always be ready for an impromptu Gjusta spread alfresco. Just add takeout.

Trunk Blanket2 597x430


L.A.-made Campover ($165) is two layers of cotton sandwiched between flannel batting, so it’s soft and durable yet still lightweight.

Trunk Basket 597x430

Picnic Basket

Keep a couple Ziploc baggies inside a collapsible tote basket ($14) to fill with ice from any random soda machine, and you’ll definitely be chill. It's big enough to fit sandwiches, a salad and even a bottle of wine.

Trunk chair 479x629

Beach Chair

This striped version ($62) is both sturdier and more Instagram-ready than the drugstore variety.

Trunk Bowl 597x430

Dog Bowl

Because wherever you go in this heat, Fluffy will be thirsty. This collapsible dish ($10) is her version of a water bottle.

Trunk Paddle 479x629

Paddle Ball

Kadima ($8) is easier than it looks--but a bit more challenging after an icy Chardonnay.

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