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In an era when apps can improve every aspect of your life--from having underwear delivered to ordering beluga caviar online to hiring a DJ for a child's birthday party--it makes sense that there should be some technology to help better that tiny thing that is your career. These five apps can help you earn (or better, keep) that corner office.



So many business cards, so little purse space. This free, fully automatic app scans contracts, credit-card statements and even post-it reminders and stores everything in one easy-to-locate spot. (Then, when you want to send to relevant parties, simply email or text them from your device.) But the real genius lies in the app's LinkedIn syncing system: The built-in camera captures the clearest possible images of your business cards and then the app automatically brings up the corresponding photos and LinkedIn profiles. It even remembers what's-her-name for you.

Scannable (free)



If traveling is a major part of your job, TripIt is a must-have. The app keeps your entire itinerary in one hassle-free place--flight schedules, hotel bookings, rental car reservations--and then organizes it all in your phone’s calendar. You can forward all those flight and hotel confirmation emails to your TripIt account, and the app will store and sort everything for you. Forget fishing for a confirmation email to get your reservation number, or drawing a blank on what flight number you're on before you check in. Best of all, the app will let you know if there's a better seat on your plane so you're not stuck in the middle on that red-eye flight home.

TripIt (free)



Oh, the horror of sending a typo-filled email to your boss. This proofreading software instantly finds and explains the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your documents. It is way more in-depth than the standard spell-checker, suggests synonyms for overly used words (because not everything can be "unique") and detects plagiarism from a mile away. Check documents by uploading them to the Grammarly website, or use the browser plug-in to spot mistakes anywhere you write on the Web, from Twitter to Gmail.

Grammarly ($30)

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Hidden Jobs

On the hunt for a new gig? The Hidden Jobs app trolls the Internet for articles about company expansions and finds open positions that haven’t been published on job-hunting sites, so you can have your application in before the masses. Handy notification settings push open job alerts to your phone ASAP.

Hidden Jobs ($1)



It’s hard to know if a company is going to be a good fit for you from an interview alone. Instead, take it from the people who work there: Glassdoor provides recon on a potential employer with CEO approval ratings from workers, company-specific reports and even intel from previous applicants. Bonus: It’s been around for a while, so there's tons of dirt. Sneaky? Maybe. But oh so genius.

Glassdoor (free)

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