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You already have apps to order underwear, monitor your posture and shame you for using your phone--how many new ones could you possibly need?

The correct answer: At least five.

Now you can use those precious minutes in the elevator to read really specific news about your neighborhood. Or find an amazing roommate. Or yep, even score a playdate for your French bulldog. Check out these new city apps you should be using.

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Online dating isn?t just for humans anymore. Tindog sets up puppy playdates to help connect dogs with new furry friends in the city. (Yep, you heard us. This is actually a thing.) Think that King Charles spaniel and his owner look pretty cute? Swipe right and you could all be chasing pigeons in the park together this weekend.

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Ever since we got hooked on the NYPL’s blast-from-the-past photo archive, we’ve been in NYC nostalgia mode. Enter Déjà Vu Photos, an app that uses GPS to sync vintage photographs of the street you’re standing on in real-time. (But we're warning you: It’s addictive. Tear your eyes away from the phone before crossing the street.)

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New York City is so massive, it’s impossible to keep up on the news and events going on in all five boroughs. But thanks to Blockfeed, you can be up on all the stuff happening in your neighborhood. The app features a local news stream that changes depending on your location in the city. To the UWS!

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Of all the annoying stuff about NYC, finding a roommate has always been up there with dripping air conditioners and manspreading. Roomi is making the painful process easier by matching you with potential roommates who have similar interests, plus ensuring every apartment they list is actually real. Take that, sketchy dudes on Craigslist.

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Daniel Krieger


Dining and dashing is now totally acceptable with Cover, an app that lets you pay the bill virtually at more than 200 New York restaurants. Just check in, add the tip and in one click, you’re ready to go. You can even use it to split the bill with friends, so no more handing seven credit cards to your server at brunch.

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