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3 Ways to Save Yourself from Tech Embarrassment

There’s nothing worse than that clenched-stomach feeling that hits the moment you realize you’ve just emailed the following to your boss: Can you cover for me tomorrow? I’m calling in sick, but really I’m interviewing with Google!!!

Arm yourself with these saving graces and your tech-regret track record is bound to improve.

Wait a minute On Second Thought is an app that holds your texts for 60 seconds. That's just enough time for you to realize He was cute but boring! should go to your sister, not last night’s date.

Take that back From your iPhone to your Gmail account, read our guide to undoing your embarrassing messages before they land in the recipients’ inbox.

Ground yourself from Facebook Two web tools, SelfControl and Freedom, block you from the sites that distract you from your real life--and decrease the likelihood of a misfired comment. Plus, Freedom even alerts you when you’re being unproductive.

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