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3 Apps That Can Make You Money

Your genius app idea--you know, the one that matches you with your perfect cheese by astrological sign--probably isn’t going to make you rich. But other people’s apps just might. Especially these three brilliant money-stretching tools.

Acorns makes you a savvy investor in the easiest way possible: Every time you buy something with your credit card (which is linked to the app), it rounds up your
purchase to the nearest dollar and deposits the money in a diversified stock account.

Nvestly is like Twitter for novice investors. Securely link your portfolio to the site, then keep tabs on a news feed of trading activity that includes info about what your friends and colleagues are investing in and how they’re doing. Think of it as social support for the soon-to-be-flush.

Credibles is the investment app for foodies. It lets you lend money to local restaurants, bakeries, pubs and more in exchange for store credit. Your favorite butcher can cover his operating costs and you’ll get perks like free cooking classes.

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