9 Small Cat Breeds

The international cat association (tica) recognizes 71 unique cat breeds. some are notable for their big, pointy ears; others for their curlicue fur; a few for their wild coloring.
These 9 cat breeds in particular are recognizable for their small stature and typically don't exceed ten pounds. and what they lack in size they make up for in energy and affection.

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1. singapura

The singapura weighs in between 4-8 pounds! They also take 15-24 months to reach their adult size, so it'll feel like you have a kitten even longer.

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2. Cornish Rex

Cornish rex cats are super slim with bat-like ears. While they are incredibly thin, it should be noted that the breed strandard calls for a muscular body.

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3. Devon Rex

The devon rex has a mischievous disposition. and as adults, these cats weigh between six and nine pounds and have a noticeably small nose and face.

4. American Curl 

Known for their cute little ears that bend backwards. Females range between 5-8 lbs, and males between 7-10 lbs.

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5. Russian Blue

The russian blues are prone to obesity because they love their food, but typically fall between 7-12 pounds when fully grown.

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6. Toybob

These kittens are small with stubby, short tails. They originated in russia and are known for their expressive eyes and gentle disposition.

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7. Peterbald

These cats are either totally hairless or have soft, barely-there coat. they are lean but also very muscular, so they are heavier than other cats on our list.

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 8. Japanese bobtail

Japanese bobtails are graceful, yet strong and super soft and can be short-haired or long-haired and weigh anywhere between 6-10 pounds as adults.

 9. Munchkins 

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Munchkins reach 5-9 lbs & are known for their short legs. Some cat lovers think breeding felines with legs this short isn't kind so keep that in mind.

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