The 8 Laziest Dog Breeds

All dogs need walks & some exercise to stay fit. But for people who aren't home during the day or have limited living space choosing a breed with historically less energy can be a better move.
Read on for 8 Dog breeds
that typically require little physical & mental activity on a daily basis to stay happy and healthy.

1. basset hound

Endlessly loyal and always ready to chill, basset hounds are big-time lazy dogs, which most owners swear makes them incredibly charming.

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2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These pups tend to be on the calm side, but since they were bred to be hunters they will give chase to squirrels and birds

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3. French Bulldog

Not only are they even-keeled, but they also don't bark a ton, which makes them great apartment and city pets.

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4. Broholmer 

A big dog with lap dog dreams, the broholmer wants nothing more than to sit on your lap and bask in your love-whether he can fit or not. 

         Agency Animal Picture/Getty Images

5. Tibetan Spaniel

These tiny little lions are typically serene and agreeable dogs who are ready to become your new inseparable Bff.

         JordeangJelovik/Getty Images

6. Tosa

While Tosas may look ferocious (and they do make good guard dogs), they are as patient and calm as can be.

         Acceptfoto/Getty Images

7. Greyhound

These super fast dogs and need a good sprint every once in a while, but for the most part are content lounging or weaseling their way into bed with you.

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 8. Senior rescue 

If you're set on a pup who prefers a TV marathon to a game of fetch (depending on the breed) it may be best to rescue or adopt an older dog.

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