The 10 easiest Dogs to Train 

If you're looking to get a dog, breed matters big-time. the 10 dogs on this list are energetic, smart & enjoy learning commands making them easier to train than other breeds.

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1. Poodle

A healthy mix of versatility, intelligence and playfulness makes them ideal dog show competitors who can lead a pack and follow orders. 

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2. German Shepherd

german shepherds have been working in various service industries for decades and they willingly dedicate themselves to tasks.

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3. pumi

pumis are bright, social and very easy to train. As curious and observant animals, these fluffy canines are also quick to try new things.

4. Papillon 

Quick to learn and even quicker to play, Papillons need lots of exercise and are willing to try anything.

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5. Cardigan welsh corgi

Not to be confused with the more stubborn Pembroke welsh corgi. cardigans have retained their cattle-herding instincts making them strong-willed, intelligent pups.

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6. Golden Retriever

These family-friendly dogs are excellent to train because they love you and just want to make you happy.

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7. Collie

Reward-based training works best, as does mixing it up a bit. Once you've established commands like "sit" and "stay," try new tricks to keep the collie brain sharp.

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 8. labrador retriever

Like the german shepherd, labrador retrievers have dabbled in tons of work environments and can learn an incredible range of skills and tricks.

 9. Shetland sheepdog

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these pups love discovering unfamiliar tricks, pleasing people and showing off once they've learned something new.

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 10. Doberman pinscher 

They are highly trainable, genuinely brilliant and almost intuitive in nature. training should be consistent and start early for best results.

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