9 dogs that get along
with cats

News Flash: You don't have to choose between being a dog person & being a cat person. There are certain dog breeds that can get along with cats just purr-fectly.
However as always, breed standards will only tell you so much about a particular dog. All dogs are individuals, and their behaviors can vary depending on training, upbringing and confidence.
As a rule of thumb, introduce your cat to any new dog before the pup is 4 month old. Learning to cohabitate as a puppy makes both parties more comfortable around each other.

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Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are kind of a no-brainer entry for this list. they are easy to train, incredibly friendly and know when it's time to chill.

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BAsset Hound

This breed is stubborn and usually hard to train. This might be why they make great companions for cats. (Great minds think alike?)

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Bichon frise

The bichon frise doesn't like being left alone, which makes them good partners for cats who like to sleep in bed all day while you're at work.


At heart, beagles are hunting dogs bred to live and work in groups; therefore, they see cats are fellow members of the pack.

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5. pug

pugs were literally bred to be peppy companion dogs so they're adaptable and benefit from having other animals around for playtime.

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6. Cavalier king charles spaniel

Spaniels are incredibly gentle & adaptable, which meAns they give a lot of love & can shift gears to meet you (or your cats) lifestyle.

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Labrador Retriever

Labs are one of the smartest dogs, easily trained and gentle enough to give another animal space when it needs it.

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Boxers are also notoriously good with kids and love to play. perfect for anyone with young, spry cats eager to play.


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These tiny pups know how to make friends, are independant & enjoy being lazy. so they're perfect for families with cats of all ages.

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