The best  cities 
to Move to in the u.s.

It's no secret that as the pandemic unpended our lives, many people started dreaming of wide open spaces, ditching their city dwellings for suburban homes.

So we took a look at the TOP FIVE STATES people are moving to, why they're so appealing right now and what cities to consider checking out, if you're considering making moves yourself.


Popular cities
to move to:

MOSCOW, a college town with a strong arts scene

BOISE, the capital, which boasts low unemployment rates

COEUR D'ALENE, a postcard-esque town surrounded by mountains 

south carolina

CHARLESTON, a charming city renowned for its Southern food

GREENVILLE, one of SC’s most affordable places to live

COLUMBIA, home to the University of South Carolina

Popular cities
to move to:


BEND, a city that’s become popular with remote workers

CORVALLIS, a college town surrounded by wineries

PORTLAND, a metro area with a solid art scene and hiking trails

Popular cities
to move to:

south dakota

SIOUX FALLS, a large city home to 70+ parks

RAPID CITY, known for the nearby Black Hills mountains

WATERTOWN, a small town known for it's zoo & wildlife arts center

Popular cities
to move to:


Popular cities
to move to:

PHOENIX, the bustling city with great weather

GILBERT, great schools, low crime rates and outdoor activities

BUCKEYE, one of the fastest-growing cities in the country

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