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Sizzle Reel

25 ways to spice up your daily routine this summer

  • Take Hold

    Swap a large tote for a compact clutch. Nothing’s going to weigh you down this season.

  • Chill Out

    Your chai tea latte is now the “chai latte” ice pop.

    Dine & Dish
  • Give your bed a summer makeover and get rid of that heavy winter duvet. A simple, silky top sheet is all you need. (If there's a chill after the sun goes down, you'll be forced to keep each other warm.)

    Julia Klimi
  • Elevate Cocktail Hour

    Infuse your own vodka with jalapeños. Just let the peppers soak for a week and oh, dios mio.

    Cupcakes and Cashmere
  • Drink Outside

    This is not the time for dive bars, watering holes or speakeasies. Sun-drenched rooftop bars are where it’s at.

  • Joke’s on You

    Turn anything into a silly competition with your significant other. Your playful spirit doesn't have to be reserved for beach volleyball.

  • Give It A Boost

    Add an extra kick to your morning iced coffee with a dash of cinnamon.

  • Dress Up

    Banish dark colors from your repertoire. Bubblegum pink is the new black.

    Burberry Prorsum
  • Try A New Scent

    Sometimes you just can’t avoid bug spray. But you can make sure it smells fabulous.

  • Skip Dinner

    Host a picnic where you just serve tons of cheese and loads of sparkling rosé.

    Faith Durand
  • Smell the Spices

    Behold, the chile-pepper bouquet.

  • Hang Loose

    If you’re known for your statement necklaces, surprise everyone by wearing a set of dainty chains.

    Lemon Stripes
  • Instead of your normal treadmill routine, grab your guy and hit the trails (even better if you get a little lost).

    Republic Bike
  • Act Like a Kid

    Hit up any and all local carnivals. The sunset is so much more beautiful from the top of a Ferris wheel.

  • Swap It Out

    Trade your leather watch for a fresh and youthful rubber band.

    This Time Tomorrow
  • Upgrade Your Instagram

    Use the app Snapseed to lighten up all of your Instagram photos. It’s you at the lake, only way more fetching.

  • Pick a Flick

    Drive-in movies trump indoor theaters.

  • Get Glowing

    Leave the heavy makeup at the door. Try the dewy “no makeup” makeup look instead.

    We See Beauty
  • Taste the Tropics

    Adding sliced coconut to your water makes drinking your daily eight cups a bit more indulgent.

    Zach Desart
  • Step Lively

    From Memorial Day to Labor Day, pick playful wedges over stilettos. (Because there’s nothing sexy about sitting out of an impromptu dance session.)

  • Sleep in a Canopy Bed

    Airbnb apartment? Decent. Airbnb treehouse? Brilliant.

  • Fill your windowsill with a row of orchids. Combined with the summer breeze, they’re a natural aphrodisiac.

  • Cut the Cord

    Next time you’re heading out, purposefully leave your phone at home. Instagram can wait. Your date cannot.

  • Read Lighter

    Download a delightfully trashy beach novel to your Kindle. We won’t fault you for telling everyone else it’s The Goldfinch.

  • Just Add Fruit

    Wine is fine, but sangria is better.