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Power Up

Tired of relying on that 3 p.m. coffee? You need a change of pace (and maybe a late-night Netflix intervention). Read on for our guide to boosting your energy, no matter what time of day you tend to crash.

7 A.M. Stop Hitting Snooze

Loud beeps are annoying. A soothing voice that wakes you up with details about the weather and updates on the latest world news? Well, that’s just lovely. If you want to get up on the right side of the bed, try The Early Edition alarm-clock app.

8 A.M. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Toast with jam is fine, until you get to the office and realize you’re about ready for lunch. Fill up in the morning with this Berry Breakfast Smoothie. The blueberries, banana and mango make it sweet and zingy, while the wheat germ and Silk Soymilk add a healthy dose of protein to get you through the day.

8:30 A.M. Use Your Head

Sure, you can zone out on your commute. Or you can take advantage of the idle 30 minutes on the train to jump-start your noggin with a few brain-stretching word games. Our app of choice is SeeWord (it’s seriously addictive). But honestly, even Snood will do the trick.

10 A.M. Tackle Your To-Dos

No matter how many lists you make, things just never seem to get finished. Um, maybe that’s because you have 19 browser windows open, hotshot? Instead of trying to multitask, use the Pomodoro Technique. This clever system helps you manage your biggest tasks by keeping you away from time-suck distractions. (Hi, Facebook.)

12 P.M. Back Away from Your Desk

Step 1: Stand up. Step 2: Get into the elevator (or better yet, the stairwell). Step 3: Go outside. Step 4: Eat lunch. Step 5: Return to work feeling refreshed and ready to stave off that afternoon lull.

2 P.M. Fight the Urge for Coffee

Just like leaving the office for lunch, sometimes simply getting up helps your body reenergize. If a standing desk isn’t available at your workplace, try moving to another area of the office or taking a lap to the water cooler (and catching up on gossip while you’re at it).

3 P.M. Feel the Relief

Those heels you put on at 8 a.m.? They’re not feeling too great right about now. (Read: Your feet are a sweaty, swollen mess.) Take solace in Still Standing foot spray, a topical cooling mist that soothes pain and shrinks your poor feet back to their normal size.

6 P.M. Get Inspired

On your commute home, dip into Arianna Huffington’s clever new book, Thrive. Here, the media mogul advocates for practiced wellness and work-life balance. If she can do it, so can you!

6:30 P.M. Break The Routine

You know what they say: Different strokes for different folks. Bust out of your boring elliptical routine and look for a rowing class at your local gym. They’re popping up everywhere these days, and we promise the machines are less intimidating than they look.

9 P.M. Toss the Remote

This one’s tricky, but if you’re jonesing for a little shut-eye, you really need to unplug well before you hit the sheets. That means sayonara, Orange Is the New Black, and hello, chamomile tea.