You know what’s fun? Scrolling through Pinterest in search of the most swoon-worthy home decor inspo. You know what’s not? Clicking on the images only to discover that the blogger’s Moroccan vintage rug is basically the same price as your monthly income. Well, here’s a scenario that won’t leave you depleted. Check out this stunning space we found on Citrine Living and how you can recreate it (for a quarter of the price of that silly rug).

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The Couch

While it’s fairly easy to find chic tchotchkes to fill your home, the larger investment pieces are a bit more difficult. To solve this issue, look for seasonal sales and wholesale websites that may sell a worthy look-alike at a friendlier price. Always opt for fabric options, rather than leather. And remember, you can reupholster if you love the bones and comfort but aren’t fully loving the color or pattern.

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The Striped Ottoman + Geometric Rug

A similar trick can be applied to the ottoman and rug. Both pieces of furniture can get expensive, but not if you know what to look for. Neutral shades easily mask any low-budget imperfections, and contrasting patterns can work in your favor—the uncoordinated colors that don’t quite match will actually look deliberately trendy.

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The Throw Pillows

Switching up your throw pillows is the simplest way to reinvent a room without shelling out a million bucks. But styling them can sometimes prove tricky. Say hello to the 2:2:1 rule. You’ll need five pillows in total—two oversize matching ones, two slightly smaller pillows (also matching but in a different pattern or color from the oversize set) and one eye-catching solo style. Start by placing the two oversize pillows on an angle against each armrest. Next, grab the two slightly smaller pillows and nestle them into the inner corners of the oversized ones. Finally, place the one unique “centerpiece” pillow right in the middle.

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The Decor Accessories

The final touch is pulling it all together with coordinated accessories. From mirrored gold trays to geometric chandeliers, these extra touches are what will take your room from basic to magazine spread. Keep an eye out for brass and ceramic items, which pretty much look the same whether they’re from Target or Kelly Wearstler (no offense, Kelly).

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