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Remodel Behavior

Is your home, sweet, home looking a little rough around the edges? (Does "accent wall" ring a horrible bell?) Good news. We've got a virtual house full of easy decorating ideas. Autumn Sunrise wall? Your sun has set.


Sneak In Storage

Make sure the case goods in your entry have storage options to wrangle everything from rain boots to Fido’s chew toys into one organized place. You: 1, lost keys: 0.

Catch Their Eye

If you took anything away from geometry class, it’s that symmetry is key--especially when it comes to home decorating. To achieve a polished, uniform look in your entryway, place two identical (and stunning) lamps on your console table.

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Curate Your Gallery

You don’t need an art-school diploma to hang a stellar gallery wall. Here’s your MFA in installing art in three steps:

  • 1. Pick a color motif (here, all black frames).
  • 2. Splurge on custom matting (trust us, a wide mat is a welcome mat).
  • 3. Do a trial run using butcher paper cut to the sizes of the frames.

Take a Seat

If you have the room, a pair of occasional chairs in your foyer is an easy way to create an inviting feel. They beckon, “Come on in. Take a load off.”

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Get in Touch with Nature

It’s a foyer, not a faux-er. (Just imagine your next-door neighbor’s face when she stops to smell the plastic roses.) You don’t need a weekly delivery of fresh flowers, but a live succulent or even a few tall grocery-store blooms can make a world of difference.


Rethink Your Seating Arrangement

Looking to add extra seating, but not ready to commit to a hefty piece of furniture? Moroccan poufs or floor cushions are a genius way to make a space more inviting without shelling out the big bucks.

Punch It Up with Pattern

Stick with solid neutrals for the big pieces (sofas, coffee tables, armchairs). Then have some fun with pattern on the items you can easily swap out. We’re thinking a few curtain panels, catch-all trays and your favorite tchotchkes--easy on the eyes and wallet.

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Level Things Out

Bet you didn’t notice that the top of the table lamp is even with the bottom of the floor lamp’s shade, huh? When using different forms of lighting, create a cohesive feel by keeping the height of different pieces level.

Find the Perfect Balance

Here’s the recipe for a perfectly styled sofa: Add two throw pillows in a solid base color and two accent pillows. They’ll do wonders for attracting the eye (preferably away from the pile of shoes/books/toys left in the corner).

Get the Hang of It

Have tons of space above your sofa and not one clue what to hang? DMG Studio will create a custom piece designed for your aesthetic and according to how much wall space you have.

Dining Room

Break the Mold

Bold wallpaper in your bathroom? Expected. A major pattern in the dining room? Heavens to Betsy, yes. It instantly takes your space from stuffy to sensational.

Keep Keepsakes Close

A beautiful case good to store everything from Grandma’s china to thrift-store silver (you little mix master) means serving pieces are always at arm’s length.

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Aim to Surprise

While you never want to be surprised by the food you prepare (no, spinach is not supposed to be soggy), an unexpected decor moment in the dining room (here, a dusty old cachepot overflowing with lilacs) is a delight.

Give ’Em Tuft Love

Want friends to stick around for your baked Alaska? Tufted armchairs will encourage guests to settle in at the table. And remember, armrests on a dining chair are like pockets in a good amazing addition.

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See How Opposites Attract

It’s Interior Design 101: Hang a mirror across from a window and see how the sunlight bounces across the room and how your space seems to double in size.


Granny Goes Glam

Remember those floral patterned sheets of your youth? Well, turns out, they’re back on trend (and way cooler than the Laura Ashley prints of yesteryear). So roll down your duvet and let the chrysanthemums peek through.

Throw One On

A well-strewn throw blanket is the quickest way to add an element of interest to your room. (It’s the first thing you noticed here, isn’t it?) For the upcoming chilly autumn nights, we’re tossing on an affordable faux-fur version.

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Forget the Drapes

Curtains can make a bedroom feel stuffy. Instead, invest in blackout shades. They’re hidden from view during the day, but perform the same room darkening effect at night.

Carve Out a Sitting Area

Your living room isn’t the only place for a good ol’ armchair. Create a reading nook in your bedroom by adding an ottoman, a bench or a couple of chairs you’d gladly curl up in. Page-turner not included.

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Make It a Room with a View

Don’t neglect the space outside: A few well-placed window boxes or a large set of planters can extend your bedroom beyond its walls. If you don’t have a penthouse terrace or a bucolic hillside outside your room, then place a potted tree in an inside corner or add some flowering branches in a vase.

Remodel Behavior

Is your home, sweet, home looking a little rough around the edges? (Does "accent wall" ring a horrible bell?) Good news. We've got a virtual house full of easy decorating ideas. Autumn Sunrise wall? Your sun has set.

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