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Sides: Great. Entrees: Love 'em. But honestly, does anything compare to dessert? We don't think so, which is why we'll be keeping these gems from 2014 on rotation for years to come. 

/images/articles/Foolproof Cheesecake
Erin McDowell

Foolproof Cheesecake

All it takes is a good food processor to whip up this restaurant-quality confection

/images/articles/Chocolate Dump Cake
Erin McDowell

Chocolate Dump Cake

The secret to this perfectly rich and chocolaty cake? Brewed coffee.

/images/articles/Cinnamon-Roll Pie Crust
Erin McDowell

Cinnamon-Roll Pie Crust

When you can't decide between cinnamon rolls and pie, there's this

/images/articles/Chocolate Cupcakes for Four
Erin McDowell

Chocolate Cupcakes for Four

Sometimes you don't want to make an entire batch. For those times, this recipe's just right

/images/articles/Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie
Erin McDowell

Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie

This baby comes together in a snap, with nary a mixer or cookie tray in sight. 

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