Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Help You Feel Full

The most important meal of the day

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times: Don’t skip out on breakfast. (No, that morsel of coffee cake doesn’t count.) Instead, look to these seven breakfast recipes to keep you fully functioning right until your 1 p.m. lunch break.

cherry almond oatmeal
Erin McDowell

Cherry-almond Baked Oatmeal

Just because breakfast is supposed to be nutritious doesn’t mean it also has to be bland. Take this delicious recipe for oatmeal. Assembled in one bowl, it can be prepped right before baking or the night before to save time in the morning.

Erin McDowell

Onion And Arugula Frittata

Whether it's served warm, at room temperature or cold (hello, leftovers), we’re big fans of the versatile frittata. Looking to make it even more beneficial? Just load it up with extra veggies like red peppers or mushrooms.

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Morning Buzz Smoothie

Start your day with a creamy, caffeinated treat that's also packed with protein. This banana smoothie contains Silk Light Vanilla Almondmilk, quick oats, ground flax, cinnamon and--wait for it--half a cup of coffee. Plus, it whips up in the blender in five minutes flat. Bring it on, rush-hour traffic.

gluten free pancakes
Johanna Frenkel

Gluten-free Blueberry Pancakes

Whether you’re gluten intolerant or practicing a strict diet, there’s something on the griddle for you: protein-rich, wheat-free flapjacks. Instead of flour, this recipe relies on mashed bananas, eggs and shredded dried coconut to create alternative pancakes with a slightly tropical flavor and a texture that hovers somewhere between that of traditional hotcakes and crepes.

zucchini bread
Erin McDowell

Zucchini Bread

Not your typical dish, but toasted and smeared with a little jam, this guy becomes the unsung hero of your two-minute breakfast.

baked french toast
Erin McDowell

Baked French Toast With Blueberry Compote

Everyone needs a good French-toast recipe in her arsenal. You know, one that will make houseguests praise your culinary skills but won’t leave you toiling over a hot stove top all morning. Enter our baked French toast.

bacon wrapped eggs
Erin McDowell

Bacon-wrapped Eggs

This dish looks complex but could not be easier. Just line a muffin tin with a strip of bacon, crack an egg into it and bake. The best part? It only takes ten minutes in the oven.