6 Sprinkle-Filled Desserts That Are More Exciting Than Cake

Let's talk about Funfetti. You're probably envisioning a cake packed with rainbow sprinkles, making each slice the food iteration of joy. (At least that's how our inner 10-year-old feels about it.) But there's a great big world out there when it comes to sprinkle-enhanced treats. And we've gathered six delightful, non-cake recipes, from waffles to dip.


You shouldn't ever have to choose between cake and cookies.

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Breakfast or dessert? The choice is yours.

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Party Dip

A sweet dip is the new must-have at any party.

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Classic cheesecake gets a rich, colorful upgrade.

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Sweet as a Cookie

Rice Krispies Treats

The greatest thing you can do with cereal.

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Ideal for dunking into your morning coffee.

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