Yi-Mei Truxes

The Designer of Summer (and Fall)’s “It” Bag

Ah, the hunt for the perfect straw handbag: one that’s not too disheveled, yet gives off an unmistakable air of effortlessness (as only a straw handbag can do). This is exactly what Yi-Mei Truxes was thinking while working at Vogue. So she took it upon herself to make it.

While doing the research, Truxes came to realize that because straw weaving is an ancient art, a good straw bag is only as good as the artisans who make it. She found said artisans in Bali and launched Bembien last summer. Fast forward a year later, and Bembien bags can be found in Club Monaco, and Truxes’s brand-new collection is launching this fall.

“A lot of times, I’ll go back and show them [Indonesian artisans] the imagery from a shoot, and their minds are blown. Their once very small weave that’s very traditional is now out in the world.”
—Yi-Mei Truxes

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