Lucie Fink

The Video Host Capturing Her Life (and Our Hearts)

Lucie Fink is a Webby-nominated video producer and lifestyle host at Refinery29. You’ve probably encountered (or are full-on addicted to) her “Try Living with Lucie” series—videos produced in a five-day-challenge format in which Fink tries everything from waking up at 5 a.m. (hint: you’d better start going to bed earlier) to bullet journaling (her handwriting is mesmerizing) and even the dreaded not-washing-your-hair-for-a-week test (we’d rather not try this at home).

When did you realize what you wanted to do in your life?

“In college! I went to Johns Hopkins University thinking I wanted to be a doctor, and I began on the pre-med/neuroscience track. After one year, I realized that my true passion was creating media content. I had been producing a YouTube series for the Johns Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and at first it was just a fun extracurricular activity. But I quickly realized I wanted to land a full-time job in the entertainment industry. I continued creating my own video content and then, after college, was able to use these clips as a creative portfolio to land a job in video production.”

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

“Giving my first TEDx talk!”

What’s something you’d like people to know about you or your job that they probably don’t?

“How much work goes into the back end of producing a YouTube video. The final output looks fun and simple, but there are so many hoops to jump through before you get there.”

What does being a woman mean to you today?

“To me, being a woman today means living out your dreams. Women weren’t always given this much freedom and power. We live in a very special time.”

What advice do you have for other women working toward their own dreams?

“Instead of following the crowd or doing what you think is expected of you, give yourself the chance to explore, try new things and experiment—with your career, personal life, art, activities and more. Your true calling is out may be something you haven’t stumbled upon yet. This advice goes along nicely with the theme of my TEDx talk: My attempt at making ‘trying’ the new ‘doing.’”

Favorite podcast?

“Right now, the Highest Self Podcast by Sahara Rose.”

Snack food you can’t live without?

“Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups.”

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